Girl, Develop It! Los Angeles is dedicated to providing hands-on classes and mentorship to women of all races, education levels, income, and upbringing who wish to learn web and software development.

We want to build a network of empowered women who feel confident in their abilities to code and build beautiful web and mobile applications.

Not only are we helping to address the lack of diversity in the tech field, we’re also empowering women into careers with bright futures and excellent income potential.

Note that our events are women-inclusive, not women-exclusive. Anyone is welcome to attend our events, as long as they agree to abide by our code of conduct.

About our chapter

Our local Los Angeles chapter of Girl, Develop It! was founded by Natalie MacLees and Irina Muchnik in January 2014. We are growing quickly, adding an average of 60 new members each month.

Our members come from all backgrounds. Some of our members are already working in the tech field and join our group either to learn new skills or to get involved as a mentor, teacher, or TA. Other members are working in the tech field as designers and want to expand their skills and career options by learning to code. Others are working in other fields entirely, but are looking to make a change – we have accountants, baristas, lawyers, chefs, sales people, entrepreneurs, college students, teachers, child care providers, engineers, receptionists, real estate agents, cashiers, and more.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Here are the ways that you can help our local Los Angeles chapter. If you’re interested in helping GDI nationwide, you can get in touch with our national headquarters at sponsorships@girldevelopit.com.


We need venues in all parts of the city where we can offer our classes and events. We keep all of our classes small – never more than 20 students. If your business has a conference room, lunch room, classroom, or open space that would be suitable, let’s chat! Our needs for classes are pretty simple – tables and chairs for everyone, a projector/screen or television we can use to share slides and code, and wifi for everyone to access class files and examples to download.

We also host free social events for our members – these are informal, relaxed events where we just need space to gather, chat, and get to know one another.

Food and Drink

Our weeknight classes often require students to come directly to class from work, so it’s really helpful when we’re able to offer them dinner when they arrive.

On weekends, our classes are often long – 4 hours or more – and it’s helpful to have lunch or breakfast delivered for our students so that we don’t have to disrupt class by sending students out to purchase food on their own.


To help market and promote our group, we need business cards, stickers, postcards, etc. and we appreciate anyone who steps in to purchase these items for us. If you have ideas for other items you might provide for us, get in touch!