GDI LA’s Amazon Wishlist!

We have been so lucky to have received a number of laptops as donations from our local community, including two Mac Book Pro’s recently donated to us by our sponsor, DreamHost! It’s so exciting to have these on hand because it allows us to offer our classes to students who don’t have laptops of their own. But we could use your help!

We want to keep our new laptops safe and in great shape, so we need an easy way to be able to store and transport them to and from classes. We’ve started an Amazon Wishlist with some items we could use for our local chapter, classes, and events. If you’ve got a minute to spare, could you take a look and maybe send a laptop bag or cord winder our way? We’d appreciate it so much!

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and will be happy to provide a receipt for your donation! And don’t mind us if we thank you multiple times in our Facebook group, on Twitter, and at our classes and events!

View our Amazon Wishlist

One Comment on “GDI LA’s Amazon Wishlist!

  1. Huge HUGE HUGE thanks to everyone who pitched in and bought up some items from our Wishlist. Amazon has been totally failing at letting us know who things are coming from. We’d love to publicly thank everyone who pitched in, so if it was you, please let us know! So far, I’ve received 3 laptop bags, a pack of dry erase markers, and a cord winder.

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