What do you want to learn?

As we start planning our classes and event for May 2016 and beyond, we wanted to do a quick check-in with our members and find out what you most wanted to learn and where and when you want to learn it. Take just 2-3 minutes and head over to our 2016 class survey to let us know!  Read more

Celebrating 2 Years of GDI in Los Angeles

This past Sunday evening, 150 of us gathered to raise a toast and celebrate GDI LA’s second birthday. We had birthday cupcakes, delicious food, cocktails, a photo booth, and all kinds of awesome fun. Huge thanks to everyone who came out in support of a wonderful organization that is changing women’s lives and changing the tech industry! Thank you to the volunteers who helped put it all together and kept it running… Read More  Read more

What do you need to know to become a Front End Developer?

We’re big fans of this post over on Skillcrush outlining the skills needed to become a front-end developer! It covers all the core important skills along with some of the newer skills companies have been asking for lately!  Read more

The link between crafting and coding

Are you a crafter? If you know how to read a pattern to knit or crochet or if you’ve got experience with weaving on a loom, then you’ve picked up some skills that will prove useful in learning to code! This article from KQED explores the link between crafting and coding. The earliest computer programming languages were heavily influenced by loom weaving and learning handwork skills is still valuable in teaching your… Read More  Read more

Why we need more women in tech

More women are pursuing higher education than ever before, but the numbers pursuing STEM subjects are actually falling. You would be hard-pressed to find a major tech company around the world with less than 60% male workers. When it comes to leadership, women fill well under 20% of all roles.  Read more

Four ways to pick your first programming language

So you’ve decided that you want to learn to code…yay! But…now what? One of the most-asked questions we GDI leaders get is “What language(s) should I learn?” There are so many possibilities that it seems impossible to pick just one thing to learn to get started. That’s why this article and infographic from Udacity is so helpful. It will be super helpful in helping you make a choice and get started writing… Read More  Read more

Why I’m so invested in the success of Girl, Develop It!

Amy Gebhardt, a GDI teacher based in Minneapolis, writes about her own journey and experience as a software developer and about why she is so excited and determined to change the industry for the better by increasing diversity through her involvement with GDI.  Read more

BuzzFeed’s Code Like a Girl Video

Huge thanks to BuzzFeed for producing this video showcasing some of the amazing young women who were awarded the WWDC scholarship by Apple and who attended Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) for free! These young women have not only built some pretty awesome-sauce apps, but are full of great advice and inspiration for anyone who wants to learn to code.  Read more

GDI LA’s Amazon Wishlist!

We have been so lucky to have received a number of laptops as donations from our local community, including two Mac Book Pro’s recently donated to us by our sponsor, DreamHost! It’s so exciting to have these on hand because it allows us to offer our classes to students who don’t have laptops of their own. But we could use your help!  Read more

Jacob Kaplan-Moss presents at PyCon 2015

Jacob Kaplan-Moss presented a truly wonderful and amazing keynote address at this year’s PyCon emphasizing that most of us are average programmers – not rockstars and ninjas – and that’s okay. By setting the bar too high, we discourage people from entering the tech field. He’s got plenty of great things to say about women getting involved in tech.  Read more