Front End Engineer Maia Lee

Maia Lee

The Starter Career For some, the call to a new career comes as a dramatic light bulb finally turning on; for Maia Lee, it was the joy of coaxing a penguin into jumping over a snowball. As an undergraduate English major at Bowdoin, Maia knew that she was drawn to education — but it turned out that the day-to-day life of a teacher didn’t gel the way she had imagined it would…. Read More  Read more
Anita Cheng

Anita Cheng

The Starter Career A biologist-turned Information Architect, Anita’s experience runs counter to a number of commonly-held assumptions about what it means to be a woman in tech. Anita spent seven years as a molecular biologist researching cancer. The work was important and fulfilling, but she felt stymied by its pace and wanted a way to impact people’s lives more immediately. In school, Anita had studied both biology and fine arts, with a… Read More  Read more

Valerie Woolard

Valerie’s interest in developing began before her first job. As an undergrad at Berkeley, she was drawn to journalism and publishing — fact checking was her favorite thing!— but she took a couple of programming classes and found satisfaction in getting a program working.  Read more

Machiko Yasuda

As a student working on the UCLA Daily Bruin, Machiko found herself constantly looking for more compelling ways to tell stories online, a trait that eventually led her to a career in coding. I sat down with Machiko in the luscious gardens of Reformation’s offices in Downtown LA to hear just how that journey unfolded.  Read more